The elementary Draw the Line scenarios gradually teach you how to spot signs of sexual violence and how you can to step up

or get help when things don't feel right. 

Elementary Students


The secondary Draw the Line scenarios help you start a conversation about consent and sexual violence prevention with your peers. They provide tips on how you can intervene safely and effectively when you notice signs of sexual violence.

Secondary Students


Post-Secondary Students

The Draw the Line post-secondary scenarios encourage you to discuss how you can promote consent culture, equal relationships, and healthy masculinities on campus and beyond.


6 Easy Ways to Take Action

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Challenge and speak out against hurtful language, sexist jokes, and bullying.

Practice #consentculture. Ask first. Ask often.

Learn about the impact of violence against women in our communities.

Never use force, threats, or violence in your relationships with others.

Be respectful towards women, girls, other guys, and people of all genders. Sexism and homophobia hurts us all.







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